Top 5 Tracker Apps For Apple Watch In 2023

You probably rely on your Apple Watch a lot. It’s useful for tracking your fitness, getting notifications, and more. Speaking of fitness, there are many walking tracker applications for the Apple Watch that can track your progress.

These are the apps that will be the focus of this article!

These step tracker apps are currently the most well-liked by their users when compared to other fitness tracking applications. Let’s jump right into the best 5 walk-tracking apps.

  1. MapMyWalk GPS

You may track your daily steps, distance travelled, and calorie expenditure with the aid of the fitness software MapMyWalk. You can manage your health objectives using the app’s many features.

MapMyWalk lets you visualise your daily schedule, track your progress towards your objectives, and even engage in real-time competitions with other users.

By offering a straightforward, user-friendly interface, it is designed to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

  1. Pacer

Users of the iOS, watchOS, and Android apps Pacer can monitor their distance travelled when running or walking. The route taken, pace, and distance travelled are all recorded using GPS data.

This data can be used for a variety of fitness-related reasons, including goal-tracking and personal training schedules.

The best thing about using Pacer is that it gives you statistics on how many miles your body has travelled over time as well as a clear image of how far you’ve walked or run each day.

3. ActivityTracker

The purpose of the ActivityTracker app is to track your exercise intensity without significantly depleting your phone’s battery. Instead of using GPS, it continuously tracks your motion.

This software can properly monitor key workout statistics including steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned.

Also, you may import data from the iPhone’s “Health” app into this app and sync health-related data to your iPhone.

  1. Pedometer++

The great step and activity tracker programme Pedometer++ for Mac and iOS devices allows you to gauge your level of fitness by keeping track of how many steps you take each day. Even records of things like distance travelled and calories burned are available.

This app’s user interface is uncomplicated, clear, and straightforward to use. Overall, Pedometer++ is an excellent tool for monitoring your physical activity and overall health.

5. Footpath

The Footpath is an outdoor fitness software that lets you schedule, monitor, and share your daily workouts. You can view statistics like distance travelled and time spent on foot or in a car using this app. It will also reveal your speed, elevation profile, and heart rate.

The software also lets you save and categorise the walking routes you take so you may always have them at your disposal. You can also let friends and family know your routes in case they wish to join you on your next journey.

Data and workout routes can also be exported to a variety of other devices.

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