Tenpoint Shadow NXT Review: Crossbow Which Worth Every Penny

The crossbow market is highly competitive around the $1,000 range. There are so many excellent options available that it can be difficult to select the finest one. One of them is Wicked Ridge NXT 400. In case you didn’t know, TenPoint now owns Wicked Ridge. That implies that TenPoint is essentially up against itself.

That doesn’t imply that TenPoint is doing a subpar job on one end. In one term, “fire” describes both of the aforementioned crossbows. The TenPoint Shadow NXT crossbow is a top-notch midrange model. It is neither cheap nor extremely expensive. It precisely strikes the sweet spot. But why should you think about purchasing this crossbow, exactly? What makes it unique or worthwhile? Let’s jointly determine that.

Tenpoint Shadow NXT: Outlooks

Specifications Speed: 380 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 144 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 12.2 Inches; Draw Weight: 200 LBS; Axle To Axle: 6.5 / 11.3 Inches; Length: 32.2 Inches; Weight: 7 LBS.

Build Excellence

TenPoint doesn’t like to skimp on the quality of their design and construction. One of the best in America, their production plant. The body of a TenPoint crossbow often receives no criticism.

The Shadow NXT is superbly constructed. The flying track and cams are made of CNC-machined aluminum. The Shadow NXT is only 7lbs in weight. It is incredibly small and light. The crossbow’s axle to axle width will be only 6.5 inches after it is loaded. That is more slender than the majority of current tablets available.

You don’t want a heavy crossbow that will exhaust you throughout extended hunting sessions. Shadow NXT’s light weight is due to this. It is designed for hunters.


I was very amazed by this crossbow’s power. I anticipated this to be fairly potent. But I didn’t anticipate Shadow NXT’s strength. Shadow NXT has a 144 ft-lbs kinetic energy production capacity. It’s a lot, that! That surpasses Ravin R10 and R20 in value. Both of which are much more expensive than this crossbow.

This crossbow is in the big leagues with that kind of power. With the Shadow NXT, hunting for large game and throughout the year is simple. You can take the crossbow to locations where you couldn’t take other crossbows because it is so lightweight and small.


A crossbow with such great power output ought to deliver its load quickly, right? That’s accurate. Arrows may be fired by Shadow NXT at an amazing 390 frames per second.

I am aware that Ravin and many other TenPoint crossbows are capable of 400 FPS. However, 390 is in no way subpar. It still stands above the majority of crossbows in this range. Additionally, using the supplied arrows will allow you to achieve the desired speed. This is a great characteristic.

Pull Weight

The draw weight of a crossbow is the second most frequent query. Is it too difficult to load the crossbow, etc. The draw weight will be 200 lbs. if you purchase the crossbow without the ACUDRAW pro silent cocking gear. And that’s a lot. I am aware that loading a crossbow with a 200 kg draw weight is difficult for any archer.

The built-in ACUDRAW 50 SLED, however, allows you to reduce it by 50%. Get the crossbow with the supplementary ACUDRAW pro quiet cocking device if you want to reduce the draw weight even more (which you should do).

I’m aware that will push the crossbow’s cost way past the $1,000 mark, but have faith in me. You’ll adore the cocking mechanism. You will return to thank me, I am certain of it. Yes, the cocking mechanism really does make a difference.


TenPoint already has sound deadeners installed in the Shadow NXT. They function flawlessly. The way they performed caught me off guard. Typically, you don’t expect much from factory-installed noise dampeners. They finish the task and leave. However, TenPoint did a fantastic job here.

In addition to mudding the crossbow’s sound, it also lessens the weapon’s overall vibration. The Shadow NXT does not require aftermarket dampeners.


  • Lightweight.
  • Compact and easy to maneuver.
  • RX6 cams.
  • T5 Trigger.
  • You can add ACUDRAW pro silent cocker.
  • Made for hunting.
  • Good after-sales service.


  • ACUDRAW pro option is expensive.
  • No carrying case.

Review of Tenpoint Shadow NXT in brief

TenPoint Shadow NXT is a great product for the price. I can see why you’re hesitant to use the cocking assistance. I am aware of the cost. I will still advise you to do that. You won’t hear me recommend pricey items unless I truly enjoy them. This is the situation. I think the crossbow suffers a little without the cocking mechanism.

I hope I was able to cover anything you had to ask. I consider my effort to have been successful if my TenPoint Shadow NXT review was of some use to you. Don’t be reluctant to ask questions if you still have any.

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