Review of Centerpoint Gladiator 405: A Real Gladiator or a Impostor!

The CenterPoint Gladiator 405 crossbow, often referred to as the CenterPoint Gladiator whisper, is a cost-effective model. Don’t be misled by the name. They are both identical crossbows. It has two names, just like a lot of people.

Let’s begin the CenterPoint Gladiator 405 evaluation now that the uncertainty has been cleared up. We shall soon discover whether it possesses the strength of a genuine gladiator or if it is a fake.

Centerpoint Gladiator 405: Outlooks

Specifications Speed: 405 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 135 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 15 Inches; Draw Weight: 200 LBS; Axle To Axle: 13.5 / 17.5 Inches; Length: 35 – 37.5 Inches; Weight: 7.9 LBS.

Body Character

In the past, gladiators were the strongest men on the planet. They are an army’s strength and help their country win. Naturally, we anticipate that the CenterPoint Gladiator will be a comparable vehicle.

You won’t instantly gain Mjolnir strength when you touch the crossbow for the first time. But you’ll experience something unique. From a distance, the CenterPoint Gladiator doesn’t appear much different from other crossbows. When you hold the crossbow and begin to shoot a few rounds, the real magic happens.

The string rail and the limbs are constructed of CNC-machined metal. The crossbow is free of any edges or uneven CNC cutting. If your unit has a small flaw, the sanding job may not have been done well.

I don’t think the finish is particularly attractive. But hey, it functions. The Gladiator weighs 7.9 pounds. I am aware that gladiators are expected to be large individuals. After adding all the extras, tree climbers can find it difficult to carry for a while. Ensure that your tree stand is sturdy and has additional storage. therefore allowing you to rest there with the crossbow.


The Gladiator 405, like the majority of CenterPoint’s entry-level crossbows, has a 135 ft-lbs kinetic energy capacity. That exceeds what any recurve crossbow for under $1,000 delivers. It has more than enough force for sporting shooting and hunting. This crossbow will be a ton of fun to use for both experienced users and beginners.


Although it may not be the flash, the CenterPoint Gladiator whisper/405 can shoot an arrow much like a bullet. I am aware of how much faster bullets are. Just laugh it off, please.

The CenterPoint Gladiator can fire an arrow at a maximum speed of 405 FPS. This is quicker than the majority of other entry-level and cheap crossbows. At one point, we had to make do with a crossbow that could hardly hit 300 FPS. View them right now. Yes, time flies.

Pull Weight

A budget crossbow’s draw weight is usually a cause for concern. It makes no difference if it is a compound or recurve crossbow. The Gladiator Whisper’s draw weight is 200 pounds, which comes as no surprise. I am aware that is at the top of the range. In the majority of states, that is almost certainly unlawful.

But hey, the answer is always rope cocker. For a crossbow with this much force, I think 100 pounds of draw weight is more than adequate.

Security and Noise

The majority of entry-level crossbows lack any limb or string dampeners. They also fail to notice the trigger safeguard. Which both exist in the Gladiator 405 model. The trigger has anti-dry fire protection. ensuring the crossbow and your hand are both fully protected.

In The Gladiator, the word Whisper refers to its quiet. One of the quietest crossbows available for a reasonable price. The limbs hardly produce any noise. You’ll only hear a shot’s aftershock, which is the only sound you’ll hear.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Compact.
  • 405 FPS.
  • 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Whisper Silencing system.
  • Adjustable AR-style buttstock.


  • The crossbow is heavy with all the accessories.
  • No velocity dial on the scope.

Summary of the Centerpoint Gladiator 405 Review

I’m whining once more about the crossbow’s limited range. Truly, it’s a trend. But one of the simplest crossbow upgrades is adding a sight. You won’t have any problems continuing to use the stock scope, so don’t worry.

But changing it and switching to something better will be in your best interest. Other than that, there isn’t much I can fault this crossbow for. This CenterPoint Gladiator 405 review demonstrates what a great crossbow it is. If you have any inquiries, feel free to do so. Don’t think twice. I’m not a biter. till our next meeting.

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