How To Set Up A Blink Doorbell Camera

What is incredibly cool, do you know? getting a Blink doorbell camera installed! It not only keeps your pad safe, but also setup couldn’t be simpler. Even when you’re out having fun, just think about never having to worry about who is at the door again!

You might be saying to yourself right now, “Oh, I don’t know how to install a camera.” But don’t worry, you’re covered by me! A few simple tools and materials are all you need. Please believe me, it’s simple.

Instructions For Setting Up A Blink Doorbell Camera :

Anyone who has a few basic skills may quickly and easily install a Blink video doorbell, whether it is wired or wireless.

Your requirements :

1. Included in the bundle is the Blink video doorbell unit along with all the mounting accessories.

2. Blink Sync Module 2 – It’s likely that you already own a Sync Module if you already have Blink cameras installed throughout your house. If not, you have two options: buy a Blink video doorbell kit with the Sync Module already included, or buy the doorbell and Sync Module separately.

3. By visiting your phone’s app store, conducting a search for the Blink app, and downloading it, you may download the Blink app for free on your smartphone.

4. Drill

5. Tape

How To Install A Blink Doorbell Camera :

1. It only takes a few minutes to set up a Blink video doorbell.

2. The Sync Module must first be configured when configuring your Blink doorbell camera.
If you already have this setup because you have additional Blink cameras, you may skip this step.

3. Launch the Blink app.

4. Choose the Blink Video Doorbell by tapping the “+” in the top-right area of the screen.

5. Scan the doorbell’s QR code located on the back.

6. Under “Add to an existing system,” choose the system you already set up with your Sync Module.

7. To install the batteries, according to the directions displayed on your phone’s display.

8. The red doorbell light will begin to blink. Continue tapping and wait for the app to add the doorbell to your app.

9. If updates are discovered, it might simultaneously update the firmware as well.

10. After the doorbell is added to your app, a screen appears asking if you’re ready to affix the doorbell to your doorframe. “Mount Blink Video Doorbell” should be tapped.

11. You can now adjust the app’s settings to suit your tastes.

12. We won’t delve into specifics because that is a completely different topic, but we have another article on Blink camera settings that should also be applicable to the doorbell.

13. You have two choices for “install without wiring” or “mount without wiring” in the doorbell settings area of the app.

Tap the mounting choice you want to utilize when you’re prepared to head outside. If you’re not sure which to choose, skip to the following section of this article, “Wired versus Wireless,” which describes each of these and when you should choose one over the other. With wired doorbells, two wires must be connected to the base plate before placing the doorbell, whereas wireless doorbells must be mounted to the wall.

13. Observe the mounting instructions displayed on the phone’s screen.

14. Choose a location for the doorbell installation on your doorframe or next to your door.

15. At this stage, you have the option of using the mounting wedge or installing the doorbell flat on the wall.

16. The two choices are equivalent, with the exception that with the wedge, you first install the wedge before including the doorbell.

17. Using the screws that came with your doorbell, attach the base plate.

18. Attach the doorbell to the baseplate. It just glides into position, you press down, and it should click into place.

Wireless vs. Wired :

If you’re not sure whether you need a hardwired or wireless installation, making the choice is straightforward.

Installation through hardwiring – If you already have a doorbell, the cables are put in place in your house. The exposed wires are ready for use once you remove the old doorbell. Just connect the wires to the two leads on the base plate’s back. Also, the app has steps that you can follow to customize it with your chime (mechanical or digital).

The identical set of instructions should be used for the wireless installation. The doorbell will be powered by batteries, and you will be wireless.

Blink Doorbell

Mounting Alternative for Your Blink Video Doorbell :

You can utilize a variety of mounting alternatives for your Blink video doorbell in place of the standard one that is included in the kit, depending on your needs:

Apartment Mount without Drilling or Screws

You can use a mounting kit without screws to attach the door with a mounting bracket in circumstances where you might not be permitted to drill holes in walls. There are numerous possibilities available here. Most have adjustable clamps that clip to your door.

Mounted on a brick

Masonry screws can be used to mount to brick, but if you don’t want to deal with that, you could also think about no-drill adhesive mounts like these.

Mounting Vinyl

You can use an adhesive mount to mount on vinyl. Unique vinyl siding mounts are furthermore created just for Blink doorbells, nevertheless.

Wedge mounting

If you want to attach the doorbell directly on the door frame, a wedge mount is an excellent choice. The wedge mount assists in resolving this problem when the doorframe has to be more extensive.

Mount in the corner

Using a corner mount may make sense if your door is close to a corner. This choice is ideal for the task.

Conclusion :

A Blink video doorbell may be set up quickly and easily. You just need to follow the instructions displayed on your phone’s screen, and in approximately 20 minutes, it will be operational.

Your home security arsenal would benefit greatly from the addition of the Blink video doorbell. You can see who is at your door, interact with them, and determine whether everything is well.

As it’s happening, you have the option of recording it on camera and storing the video locally inside the app on your phone.

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