How To Fix Apple Watch Not Showing Incoming Calls & Notifications?

If your Apple Watch is not showing incoming Calls and Notifications and you want to fix it, I can help you. 

In this comprehensive Guide, you will learn How to fix your Apple Watch in case it’s not showing notifications. I’ll share 7 ways that you can use to fix this issue. 

This guide will address the following questions:

  • Why is my Apple Watch not receiving notifications?
  • 7 Ways you can use to fix notifications Issues on your Apple Watch
  • And many more!

My Apple Watch isn’t notifying me of incoming calls; what gives?

Apple Watch, like other smartwatches, displays incoming calls and notifications on its display.

As long as your iPhone is locked or asleep, normal operation continues, and you will continue to receive calls and other notifications on your Apple Watch.

Keep in mind that your Apple Watch can only receive alerts if it is paired with an iPhone. Notifications cannot be sent if the device is not connected.

However, if your iPhone is active, you’ll receive alerts there instead of on your Watch.

Apple Watch Not Showing Notifications? Here Are 7 Ways To Fix It 

There are a few possible explanations if your Apple Watch is not displaying incoming calls or notifications despite being set to do so.

In this part, I’ll explain the various factors that could be at play here and provide guidance on how to resolve the problem. Okay, so let’s begin.

1. Reboot Your Apple Watch

Let’s begin with a tried-and-true method that usually does the trick. Simply restarting your Apple Watch may be all that’s needed to resolve the problem.

Hold the digital crown and side button down until the Apple logo appears on the screen to perform a hard reset (Reboot) on your Apple Watch. Let go of the buttons and your Apple Watch will reboot automatically.

2. Turn Off Do Not Disturb Or Focus Mode On Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch’s Do Not Disturb Mode (available on Wear OS 7 and earlier versions) and Focus Mode (available on Wear OS 8 and later versions) help you stay focused on your tasks at hand without being interrupted.

When the Apple Watch’s Focus Mode is activated, it prevents incoming calls and notifications.

The question now becomes how to determine whether Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb is active on your Apple Watch.

You can quickly verify this by checking the Status bar on your Apple Watch. Focus Mode is activated on your Apple Watch if you see a half-moon icon.

If Focus Mode is already active, you can turn it off as follows.

Follow these steps to disable Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to Apple Watch’s Settings App.
  2. Now use the digital crown to scroll down and find the Focus section. If you are using Wear OS 7 or earlier versions, find the Do Not Disturb section.
  3. Tap on Focus Mode to disable it.

You can also disable Focus Mode from the Apple Watch Control Center using the following steps:

  1. Go to your Apple Watch App and swipe up to open Control Center
  2. Now find Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb mode (the one with the Half-moon icon) and tap it.

3. Turn off Wrist Detection

I really appreciate Wrist Detection, but for some reason it can mess up your Apple Watch’s notification settings.

If your Apple Watch is having trouble displaying incoming calls and notifications, trying turning off Wrist Detection. Learn how to disable Apple Watch’s Wrist Detection feature.

  1. Go to your Apple Watch Settings
  2. Now find the Passcode section and tap it.
  3. Find Wrist Detection and disable it.

4. Turn off Airplane Mode

If Airplane Mode is enabled on your Apple Watch, it will stop the notifications and call notifications from appearing. So, make sure that it’s disabled.

Here’s how you can turn off AirPlane mode on your Apple Watch.

  1. Go to your Apple Watch and swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center.
  2. Now find the Airplane Mode icon (the one with AirPlane) and if it’s enabled, tap it to disable it.

5. Update Your Apple Watch

Apple is well-known for its high-quality software, and the company frequently updates its products to fix bugs and improve performance.

New updates should be installed on a regular basis, as neglecting to do so can lead to complications.

A bug might be to blame if your Apple Watch is hiding incoming calls and alerts from you. So, do a check for updates and apply them if there are any.

6. Cover Off, Mic Down

The Cover to Mute feature on the Apple Watch is a convenient way to silence the watch by covering the screen with your palm.

Enabling this feature on your Apple Watch may prevent incoming calls and notifications from showing up.

If you are having issues receiving alerts, I suggest disabling the feature.

  1. Go to your Watch App on your iPhone
  2. Now go to the My Watch section 
  3. Go to the Sounds and Haptics section and find Cover to Mute
  4. Now tap it to turn it off.

7. Contact Apple Customer Support

If you have tried the above fixes and still your Apple Watch is not showing notifications, it could be due to an unknown issue. You don’t have to worry about anything because Apple can help you with it.

So, contact Apple customer support via their official platform or any social media channel and provide details including your Apple Watch Model, Wear OS version, and other details. They will investigate the issue and help you fix it.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did My Apple Watch Suddenly Stop Displaying Notifications?

There could be a number of causes for your Apple Watch to stop displaying notifications if you were previously receiving them. Therefore, I advise you to double-check that your Apple Watch is Bluetooth-connected to your iPhone. Make sure to deactivate features like Focus Mode, Silent Mode, and Airplane Mode.

Will My Apple Watch Still Display Notifications If It Is Not Connected To My iPhone?

No, your Apple Watch won’t display notifications if it is not Bluetooth-connected to your iPhone. Therefore, make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone if you want to receive notifications on it.


It can be very frustrating if your Apple Watch is not displaying incoming calls and notifications, but fortunately there are solutions you can try. I’ve listed the seven efficient solutions in this guide that you can use to resolve the notification problem on your Apple Watch.

You should give these options a shot and let me know if they work for you. Additionally, if you tried your own solution and it was successful, please consider sharing it with other readers. Please leave me a comment if you have any queries for me.

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