How To Connect A Blink Camera To Wifi

So you just purchased a brand-new Blink camera, huh? Congrats! You’ll need one of their well-known models, such as the Blink XT2 indoor tiny camera or any other outdoor camera, to make sure it’s operational.

Avoid stress. We’ve got you covered! To help you rapidly set it up, we developed a step-by-step manual. We’ve also included advice on the best routers and how to fix any problems. It won’t be difficult to connect your new camera to the internet, we promise!

How to Connect a Blink Camera to WiFi

When you receive your new Blink security camera, you should connect it to your wifi network so that you may watch the captured footage and participate in live streaming. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to accomplish:

  1. Get the Blink app for your phone.

2. Verify that your camera’s batteries are fitted.

3. Insert your Blink Sync Module. Be sure to put it close to your internet router.

4. Launch the Blink mobile app.

5. “Blink wireless camera system” should be selected under “Add Device.”
At this step, you will give the camera a name. Making this moniker specific to the location of the camera is advised. A excellent name for a camera you want to put at your front door, for instance, is “Front Door Camera.”

6. Scan the QR code located on the back of the Sync Module.
You can manually enter the Sync Module’s serial number if scanning is not possible.

7. Wait for the blinking blue and solid green light on the Blink Sync Module to turn on.

8. Select “Explore Device.”

9. Choose your wifi network from the available list.
The wifi password will be required at this stage in order to connect.

10. Hit “Done.”

11. Hit “Add Blink Camera.”

12. Scan the QR code using the camera.

13. Choose the system name you just created.

14. After the camera has been successfully attached, click “Done.”

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